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Friday, October 3, 2008

ecard googling

I'm back at #10
Rock, Rock On!


I made it to #9 then I disappeared. I think it's because I edited the html file like I said I wasn't going to do. Oh well.

I just found out that if you google "monday ecard" I am result number 10. As a result of that, I am pretending that I am famous now. I mean, 10 out of 468,000 is pretty good, right? I've had at least 20 hits on my website because of it. Okay, 20 hits isn't so great. We'll just focus on the 10 out of 468,000 for now.

There is one problem though. I don't know much about SEO stuff. The result goes to an obscure page from my old website and there are no links or anything back home from that page. So I want to update the html page but I'm worried that I might lose my stats. Maybe I'll just upload a new flash file.


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